Studio Akademie ALMOST MIRROR collection


Studio Akademie

Selina Sisik & Emre Uzun

About The Designer:

Studio Akademie was founded in 2022 by Emre Uzun and Selina Sisik with the mission of creating a unique visual language through the creation of objects and spaces, both temporary and permanent. At Studio Akademie, the design process is driven by experimentation and research into materials, forms, and manufacturing techniques in uncharted territory. The focus of Studio Akademie is to create visually stunning pieces that not only catch the eye but also engage the senses. They straddle the line between contemporary art and design by embracing a flexible aesthetic, allowing them to push beyond the limits of traditional design. With the goal of leaving a lasting impact, they strive to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry and inspire others to challenge their own creative potential

About The Product:

Part of the collection ALMOST MIRROR, Fold Table Light both illuminates from within and through the reflections. The unique form is a result of experimentation with sheets of stainless steel. As the surface is quite responsive to its surroundings, every manipulation technique results in different outcomes as reflections, overall form and utility. Designed and hand formed in Istanbul, each piece is unique and limited
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