Astra Table Mirror

Astra Table Mirror

Clémence Birot


About the Designer:

Clémence started her career in Copenhagen, Denmark and soon discovered a design practice closely related to craftsmanship. Frequently collaborating with artisans for the product development, Their know-how led her to the constant research of a unique result where the material is respected and always in focus, occupying a central place throughout all the project. Back in France, she holds on to this collaborative approach with craftsmen, whether for the initial phases of creation or for bespoke pieces production. Today, Clémence wishes to go further in this process of enhancing hand intelligence and unique know-how, while producing ethically and locally

About the Mirror:

Decorative and sculptural mirrors composed of a hand-blown glass base, a truncated cork sphere and a round bevelled mirror. Astra table mirrors can be tilted according to use thanks to the cork sphere. The base allows you to integrate decorative elements or store small objects

Glass blown by Arcam Glass in Nantes
France Mirror made by Vetro-art in Italy
Cork made by Corticeira Viking in Rio Maão, Portugal

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