Chunk Chair

Chunk Chair

Obscure Objects

Luisa Pöpsel &  Moritz Pitrowski

About The Designer:

Luisa, a Berlin based architect and designer, combines classic architectural expertise with a passion for interiors, product design and metalworks. Inspired by iconic modernists and the aim to create a total work of art, from the tip of the building, to the smallest detail, she focuses on creating holistic experiences through materiality and geometric shapes. Her work challenges traditional craftsmanship by experimenting with manufacturing methods, shapes and scales, redefining objects beyond their functional purposes. 

Obscure objects is the collaborative design practice by Luisa Pöpsel and Moritz Pitrowski, product designer from Berlin. Driven by a joined interest in unconventional design approaches and finding joy in the unexpected, they are working in the field of product design, interior design and architecture.

About The Product:

The chunk chair is a playful interpretation of a raised seating ring, on three oversized legs with a back rest, manifested in solid stainless steel. Informed by omnipresent stainless steel pipes and structures of the urban it combines soft, round, geometric shapes with hard and durable material. 

While the evenly hand brushed surface is giving the round edges an overall fine touch, the visible weld seams still refer to the industrial manufacturing process. 

The sculptural object is handcrafted and made to order in Germany. It has a total weight of 20 kg.


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