Cumuli Vase

Cumuli Vase


La Casa Di Pietra

Gabriele Pardi & Laura Fiaschi


About The Designers:

Founded in 1999 Gumdesign is an architecture, art direction, industrial design and graphic design firm. The founders Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi focus on  constant exploration with a focus on functional projects with a formal and graphic presence. Laura graduated from the University of Reggio Emilia with a degree in graphic design and communication. Gabriele graduated from the University of Florence with a degree in architecture. The two together direct and teach the masters program in design innovation and high crafts at IED, in Florence. They are the creative directors for Cambiovaso which is a collection of vases crafted for UpGroup started in 2008. A collective project between 30 designers from around the world. They sit on the editorial board of directors for the BAU an association founded in 2004, focusing on contemporary culture. They have a diverse portfolio having worked with many brands since their inception. In 2018 they began working with Styl'Editions as their creative directors. Andrea Lupi approached them with the job to reimagine the identity of AtonioLupi a brand specializing in home and bathroom furnishings. The opportunity led to the creation of products such as the Borghi bathroom furniture collection which contained the freestanding washbasin oval central bathtub and countertop washbasin which won the award Edida award for 2021. The Tramamto rugs collection was also born from the collaboration, a series of velvet rugs with geometric patterns and optical effects. Their Swing Tasting Glass developed for Colle Vilca was chosen by Alessandro Mendini to be in the Triennale di Milano design museum as well as in the MoMA San Francisco permanent collection. Other collaborations include prestigious brands such as Mercedes Benz, Guzzini, Swarovski, Azzuro, Lavazza, Lagostina Fiat, and De Castelli. Between the years of 2009 to 2021 Gumdesign was selected for various editions of the Compasso d'Oro awrad in design sections research and graphics. 

About The Product:

The Cumuli Blue Glass Vase Collection is part of the collection in Basaltine stone or Carrara White marble and offhand glass defines changing landscapes. Inspired by Sicilian saline, it reminds us of magical places, close to man's memory. Piles of salt, water surfaces and overlapping images evoke ancient but still present craftsmanship memories. Three elements, lathed in stone, become the support for the same number of glass containers. They are spontaneous shapes not ruled by human intervention but by random contacts between them. Within it, matter and heavenly solution chase and complete each other, becoming one the creative force of the other. The Blue Glass Vase Collection is made of manual lathe carved stone and offhand glass


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