DAL Vase

DAL Vase

INI Ceramique

Inhee Ma

About The Designer:

Born In South Korea Inhee Ma graduated from the Ecole Superieure des Beaux- Arts where she went on to start INI Ceramique. Using a multidisciplinary approach she is combining nature and contemporary art with handmade ceramics using traditional craftsmanship. Her motifs are inspired by classic contemporary paintings to accompany objects fit for everyday life. All of her pieces are handmade in her studio in France, using chamotte stoneware which is then fired at a very high temperature to emphasize the raw nature of the clay. Focusing on decorative pieces that play with the functionality of the object as well as the medium to create unique form and texture

About The Product:

The DAL is a vase with motifs based on abstract paintings that are applied before its first firing, by using a 'dripping' technique of black slip. The inside transparent glaze adds a finishing touch after a second firing at high temperature (1250°C) to ensure a more durable and resistant item. The design draws inspiration from Cy Twombly's Bacchus painting creating a beautiful merger of contemporary art and nature

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