Flutita Lamp

Flutita Lamp

Simone et Marcel

Javier Peces & Charlotte Foussat


About the Designer:

Their mission is to encourage people to make their home the best place to be, to get inspired and to receive friends and family. Designed and manufactured by themselves, they offer lighting options to help people create distinctive living spaces. Enhancing the authenticity of natural and organic materials using associations and contrasts. Extreme quality behind a facade of ultra-minimalism. They find their materials at the source to ensure they give the best value to their products. Balancing simplicity and exception with geometries that marry, repeat, multiply, layer and accumulate. Creating solid design, manufactured to last generations. In the small town of Consuegra, a 100 km drive south of Madrid in the province of Toledo, is where they do everything.

About the Lamp:

The Flutita table lamp by designers Simone & Marcel is an ode to craftsmanship. Made in Spain, this marble table lamp has the same characteristics as its big sister, the Fluta. The special feature of the lamp lies in the ribbed finish and is available in three classic options: black, green and white. With its signature drum cotton lampshade, this lamp will fill your home with modernity and warmth

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