Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior

Atelier Super

Jean Baptiste Durand & Virginie Willerval


About The Designer:

Atelier Super is a duet, gathering ceramist Virginie Willerval and product designer Jean-Baptiste Durand. After several years spent in design studios, they changed their trajectory to open in Le Havre a hybrid space that will be at the same time a ceramic workshop, a shop and a creative studio. There, they receive people who want to learn clay techniques, but also, imagine, design and produce their own collection. Their approach of ceramic and globally of creation is, accessible to everyone, notions you can find in atelier super's production imperfect, alive, playful

About The Product:

A handmade vase constructed of 3 steel tubes that are treated with yellow zinc to create the iridescent shine. It is then held together with its super strap which aids the mechanical ethos. A study of contrast between the delicate elegance of flowers and the industrial rawness of steel tubing 

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