Rock Candle Holder

Rock Candle Holder

Tom Dixon


About the Designer:

Tom was born in Sfax, the second city of Tunisia. His father was a teacher: he’d just graduated and went to teach English in a university. That’s where he met Toms mum, who was half French.

He spent his first four years in North Africa – Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Suez – and then he moved to Huddersfield (in northern England), which was a bit of a culture shock.

Ceramics provided his first encounter with the transform­ation­al nature of design, without him even realizing it. Somewhere in that couple of years of mucking around with clay, he came up with the idea to transform materials into something more precious. Which he has continued to do throughout his career

"I still struggle to think of myself seriously as a proper designer. I have ideas and I like to see if I can bring them to fruition, and then if people buy them. Those ideas might be banal or exciting, but a lot of the process is to do with the hard slog of getting something at the right price, or finishing off the invisible details, or getting the finish right, or making it fit into the right box and then transporting it around the world. I defined my own style, which is harder and harder for other people to do. Everything’s so public right now. It’s much easier to get out there internationally, but to actually develop a body of work that is significantly different is difficult. You just publish it on your Instagram before it’s even ready. If you do something interesting people pounce on it: extended visibility means things become stale very quickly" - Tom Dixon

About the Candle Holder:

A playful set of five stackable and reconfigurable candle holders that create domestic sculptural interventions. The pattern and texture of each piece is entirely unique, depending on the block of marble it was carved from, which creates an individualistic quality in every product

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