Cruz Ali


About The Designer

Cruz Ali is a Toronto based industrial designer specializing in furniture and household objects. Inspired by the harmony of the built environment and human interaction with it, Cruz’s work strikes a balance between simplicity and intricate form. He believes in designing objects that are inherently beautiful in their essentialism – serving their purpose with clarity and elegance

About The Product

"Shroud," a side table envisioned by Toronto based designer Cruz Ali. This piece seamlessly marries form and function, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the inherent beauty of its materials.
Crafted from laser-cut and rolled sheet metal, "Shroud" consists of two essential elements: a sturdy base and a sleek tabletop. Both components are meticulously designed to embody simplicity, devoid of unnecessary embellishments. The base, meticulously fashioned from a single sheet of steel, elegantly envelops the tabletop, establishing a seamless connection between the two and evoking a sense of unity and harmony.
This design ethos not only underscores the purity of the chosen material but also serves to elevate the overall aesthetic, resulting in a piece that exudes understated elegance. Aptly named "Shroud," the table partially conceals the tabletop surface within its embrace, inviting contemplation and intrigue

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