Spin-It Lamp

Spin-It Lamp

Amaury Lonchamp

Moodlight Studio

About the Designer:

A student at the Beaux-Arts, then at the Gobelins school, Amaury Lonchamp started out as a photographer for London decorators and architects. Within a few years, used to working with such furniture objects, he was seduced by the subject, and thought of creating his own design studio. From his balcony in London, he experimented, researched and developed his project. After three years of experimentation, he created MOODLIGHT Studio and set up his workshop in Besançon. The collection presented today is the result of this long development work

About the Lamp:

Table lamp with an astral aspect, spin-it hypnotizes thanks to its lampshade with airy curves. Simply balanced on the Led bulb, it twirls to the touch and makes the light dance on the walls.

Recycled Plastic:
Its terrazzo base is made of Jesmonite, an eco-resin mixed with organic or plastic waste.Includes a dimmable switch.

Tea Grounds: 
The base is made from tea grounds, collected from a local tea room. Once dried, the tea is integrated into the Jesmonite resin, then poured into a mold. Once sanded, this organic pattern appears on the cylinder

Entirely handcrafted in their workshop in Besançon

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