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By Byinteriors

Designed by Keji Takeuchi

A.T.S tables collection. This Aluminum Table System was inspired by the lightness, precision and the strength of an airplane graded aluminum honeycomb panels. This specific technology is matured in Japan after years of development and today they are able to anodize the entire table top after machining and it brings a rich shine to the table tops. The entire panel of the airplane-graded material is anodized after machining, which lends a rich shine to the top surface. In Japanese designer Keiji Takeuchi's concept, the tabletop works as a reinforced structure that accommodates common screw-in joinery for the varied A.T.S. leg styles in wood or steel pipe that are available for the flat-packed DIY family

Winner of the 2020 GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Chicago, USA

28.7" Height
94.5" Width
36.2" Depth

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