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By Internoitaliano

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti 

Meta stool and chair in coated aluminium. Meta is a family of seats made entirely of coated aluminium, ready for indoor and outdoor use. The chair and the low stool are stackable. Based on the manufacturing process of the bodywork of racing cars in the past, thanks to the use of metal rivets the Meta collection has been developed specifically for the furnishings of the restaurant Memorabilia, at Agrate Brianza, which also contains a museum area featuring vintage cars. The design challenge was to make a chair totally in aluminium, without the costly deep-drawing dies called for by industrial production. The contribution of the craftsman Emanuele Lispi, who makes the items completely by hand, has thus been fundamental. The profile of the aluminium sheet adapts to the selected method of construction: the design of the back permits the bending of the support by hand, while the seat is curved to follow the form of the load-bearing structure below


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