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By Alejandra Design

The little bottles have a traditional profile but with a fresh new angle, literally. When thrown on the wheel a vase is round but with the little bottle collection they come in many shapes. Using a base geometry and some advanced computation we have designed bottles to be squares, hexagons and octagons! Because of the complex geometry associated with their profiles, each glaze cascades through the pattern in a unique way.

This gives each little bottle its own distinct little personality. Nebula starts its life unlike any other clay bodies. White clay is treated using a specially formulated mason stain to transform the clay into an ethereal black colour. When this body interacts with our patterned glazes the result is a truly astonishing matte metallic look reminiscent of interstellar nebulas with mysterious cosmic dust!

Product dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 5.5" 

These vases are decorative only and not intended to be used with water.

Made in United States

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